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Shawls for women

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Shawls for women, men and children

Scarves or shawls exist in endless colors, designs, sizes and also made of many different fabrics. This is also the case at Protectstore. In general you can wear a scarf all year round. Of course when it's cold in autumn, but certainly not only when temperatures drop. With a warm winter scarf you keep your neck nice and warm and protected against cold wind. You can wear a shawl high if it's long enough, so you can even cover your face under your eyes. Wearing a shawl will also prevent the draught from striking your chest, which could cause you to catch a cold. It's not for nothing that mothers often tell their children as the days get shorter and the temperatures drop: 'Put on a scarf, it's cold outside! A thick, knitted scarf is a lovely, warm and comfortable clothing item made of cotton or wool that always comes in handy.

What exactly is a shawl?

A shawl also known as a scarf or neckerchief is a long strip of fabric that is wrapped around the neck by men, women and children in order to provide protection against cold conditions in the cold months. Besides practical and warm reasons a scarf is also worn as a trendy fashion item. A scarf is also used around sports fields and especially in soccer to express the love for a certain club or country. This is called a fan scarf or a supporter scarf.

Ordering a Buff shawl at Protectstore

Of course, scarves for babies and (small) men and women should not be missing from the wide range of winter clothing and accessories from Protectstore. Of course we have the famous Buffs. They are a kind of contiguous neck warmers. Technically not really a scarf but almost always called that. Buff scarves are actually indispensable in the cold and snow because they are so incredibly multifunctional. These warm, cylindrical Buffs can be worn as a mouth cap, hat, face shield, neckerchief and neck warmer. Besides Buff we also have scarves of the following brands at Protectstore: Color Kids, Playshoes and Reima and in popular colors like pink, blue, green, gray and more. In short, if you're looking for a warm neck scarf you've come to the right place at Protectstore. Ordered before 5:30 pm, delivered within 2-3 working days. Payment is super safe and AfterPay is also possible with us.

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