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Hats for women


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  1. O'Neill---Beanie-for-women---Cable---Cabaret
    O'Neill - Beanie for women - Cable - Cabaret
  2. O'Neill---Beanie-for-women---Nora-Wool---Black-Out
    O'Neill - Beanie for women - Nora Wool - Black Out


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Hat men

Did you know that you lose the most heat through your head? That's why a warm hat is a real must have for winter and winter sports. Protectstore has a wide and very extensive range of hats for women, men and babies. From beanie to balaclava, and from fleece hats to knitted hats. In the first place you wear a winter hat of course to protect your head and ears from the cold and snow. But hats are also worn to make a fashion statement. You regularly can see people wearing hats on their heads, even when it's not snowing or freezing. So hats are not only there for winter sportsmen, but also for a fashionable person. You really don't have to travel to snow-covered alpine peaks or picturesque mountain tops to put on a warm hat. Cycling to school, sledding and ice skating, or on an autumn walk can also be incredibly chilly. Then it's comfortable to keep your head and ears nice and warm.

Women's hat

The hats you'll find at Protectstore come in all kinds of colors, designs and sizes. Lined, padded or not. And made of different materials such as wool, cotton, acrylic and fleece. In short, for everyone we have a hat that suits him or her. Before you order a hat from Protectstore, it's important to know what the purpose of the hat is. Are you skiing at a height of a few kilometers in freezing cold conditions? Then you can choose to buy a fleece hat. Fleece is nice and soft, breathable and has a very good insulating effect. This is really necessary if you're not waiting for an itchy and/or overheated head. Nobody is waiting for a itchy head because it's going to get too warm under the hat. The advantage of a balaclava hat is that not only your ears and head are protected against wind and cold, but also your face. A balaclava is ideal if there is a cold stream of air on your face for a longer period of time. This happens, for example, when cycling, when a cold and wintry wind comes up or when you come down the mountain at high speed. Women find it important that a hat doesn't ruin their haircut. That's one of the reasons why Protectstore offers a nice alternative to hats: headbands. These also provide warm ears and a protected forehead. But headbands make sure your hair doesn't get messed up. An important requirement for many women.

Buy warm hats online at Protectstore

You'll get through the winter without any problems with a nice and warm hat from Protectstore's wide range of online hats.  This range is for babies, girls, boys, women and men. If you want to be a bit flashy in winter, it's of course nice if your winter hat matches the rest of your outfit. Combine the hat with matching gloves, a matching winter coat or ski pants in the same color, for example. If you order a hat from Protectstore before 5.30 pm today, you'll have it delivered within 2-3 working days. Paying online with us is very safe and the ordering process is self-explanatory.

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