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Gloves for babies


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  1. Reima---Mittens-for-babies-and-boys---Tepas---Navy
    Reima - Mittens for babies and boys - Tepas - Navy
    As low as 32.99
    Color: Blue
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Winter gloves for children and adults

In winter or when you go on winter sports, warm and waterproof gloves are absolutely indispensable. Especially for babies and (older) children. Playing in the snow and cold is a lot of fun, but only if you have and keep warm hands and fingers. Cold fingers ensure that children and babies cool down faster. Cold fingers can also start to hurt, become numb or stiffen after a while. All this can be prevented by putting on a pair of warm and dry gloves or winter gloves. With a pair of warm mittens on their hands, the snow fun can last for hours.

Baby mittens and children's glove

Babies often have their hands free when sitting in the baby carriage or stroller. In the cold and snow they cool down very quickly. That's why the youngest ones should put on a warm pair of mittens. This prevents them from cooling down quickly and making them cry and feel uncomfortable. We have many different mittens for babies. For example from well-known brands such as CeLaVi, Color Kids, Plashoes or Reima. The baby mittens are available with or without zipper, from materials such as fleece or polyester and in just about every conceivable color of the rainbow. What's nice about fleece mittens is that not only is fleece super soft, it also feels great. But fleece also breathes, so your little boy and girl won't have to deal with sweaty hands. In the snow or on ice, gloves and mittens have another important function besides keeping warm. A sturdy pair of gloves protects the fingers and hands. Consider what a difference it makes whether a ski or skate slides over a bare hand, or over a hand in gloves or mittens. The same of course applies to falls on hard or sharp surfaces such as frozen snow or rough ice. In short, with a fine pair of mittens or gloves, children and adults are well protected in the cold. Even on a bike, gloves not only protect against the cold and wind, but also against abrasions when falling.

Buy warm gloves and mittens online

A pair of warm mittens or gloves for your children are not only warm and necessary, but can complete their winter outfit. Colorful on the outside and nice and warm and soft on the inside. That's the ideal pair of hand warmers for young and old. Protectstore has a very wide and complete range of warm winter clothing for children and adults. Besides gloves, we also offer winter coats, hats, headbands and winter boots. These and more winter clothes and rainwear can be ordered quickly and easily from Protectstore. Ordered today before 5:30 pm., is within 2-3 working days delivered to the house. You pay with us in a safe environment with iDeal, PayPal or after receiving your order with AfterPay. Order warm winter gloves or mittens immediately at Protectstore!

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