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O'Neill | Winter wear

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O'Neill the brand

When you hear of the world-famous brand O’Neill, you’re probably thinking about surfing, sunshine, the sea and beaches? Pretty understandable. Jack O’Neill opened a surf shop in San Francisco, near his favorite surf spot. The combination of work and his love for surfing was just ideal. O’Neill became the most popular surf brand that we know today. In a very short time O'Neill also became a leading winter sports brand and you could see people all over the world skiing on snowy, white slopes in colorful or fluorescent O'Neill winter sports outfits: O'Neill hats, pants, gloves and more. Of course, you can also find all this at the specialist for winter clothing: Protectstore!

O’Neill winter

In the Protectstore, you can find a broad collection of O’Neill. Only that this one consists of clothing that you will need during winter, fall, and winter sports. In short, that you will need whenever it’s cold, raining, or if it’s snowing. Super warm, water resistant ski pants or jackets, anoraks, or parkas. You can also find warm and colorful accessories for the winter in the Protectstore: headbands, gloves, and hats from O’Neill for kids, women, and men. Real winter must-haves if you want to go skiing or snowboarding.

O'Neill: 5 distinctive initiatives

  • O'Neill Blue: This initiative aims to combat pollution and save the world's seas. It is about collecting, recycling and reusing products and materials that float around the oceans as waste.
  • Firewall: Inspired by O'Neill's 60-year history in wet design, body mapping research has shown that some parts of the body need more insulation than others. O'Neill Firewall redistributes weight, retains heat and provides greater comfort in cold conditions.
  • Firewall Magma: The soft Firewall Magma print captures and stores body heat. The collected body heat is redistributed over the body and goes to those parts that need it most. This keeps you warm for longer.
  • Grow System: Also called the 'room-to-grow system'. Turn the garment inside out and cut the red thread. This makes the sleeves and pants longer and allows the garment to 'grow' with the wearer.
  • Hyperdry: This system keeps you dry no matter how hard you work. The fabric dries extremely quickly and wicks away moisture just as quickly while the fabric continues to breathe.

Protectstore O’Neill

Everyone can get the fall and winter collection from O’Neill in the Protectstore. Boys, girls, but also adults. If you’re looking for O’Neill clothing for winter sports, warm jackets or ski pants in different colors, with the Protectstore you came to the right place. When you order O’Neill winter clothing from the Protectstore, you will have it home in next to no time. Perfect for when the weather suddenly changes, or if you’re looking for some snow at short notice.

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